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About us

Wanli Stationery Gifts Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale production enterprise of stationery. Our company produced a variety of products in 2000 with world famous brands, such as Miles Stationery (WANLI STATIONERY) and other well-known brands!

Our company has hundreds of patents and more than 500 employees. Our company is the largest manufacturer of metal pens, wooden pens, brushes, art painting materials, craft pens, gel pens, electronic pens, refills and others in the world.

Our products include: metal pens, ball pens, roller pens, fountain pens, advertising pens, red pens in China, the 60th anniversary celebration pens, blue and white porcelain pens, gold and jade pens, gift pen sets, paint brushes, drawing pens, painting and calligraphy brushes, art painting materials, oil paint, watercolor pens, wolf hair brushes, nylon brushes, gouache brushes, LED flashlights, mini flashlights, laser pens, pointer pens, mobile phone styluses , USB pens, video pens, radio pens, soft pen heads, brush heads, toys, accessories, arts and crafts.

Business Purpose: First-Class Brand in China's Stationery Industry!

Company Motto: Wanli Stationery creates miracle! Walk to the world with Wanli Pen!

Our products have been sold around the world. We have 30 years of focus on stationery, 30 years of hard work, 30 years of credibility, 30 years of harvest and 30 years of development.

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